Are You Ready For 2017? Join Me On My Next #30DayChallenge!

Happy New Years Eve!!! The December 30 Day Challenge is now complete & TODAY is the final weigh in day for our last challenge in 2016! Weigh in first thing this morning and let me know how you did! Did it go well or not so good?  If not don’t worry, TODAY is a NEW DayContinue reading “Are You Ready For 2017? Join Me On My Next #30DayChallenge!”

Merry Christmas & a Healthy New Year!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy, blessed & healthy New year in 2017! Enjoy yourself today and let’s make this last week of the December #30DayChallenge great, healthy and active!  #LetsGo 🙌 Follow me on my blog at  Also follow me on Twitter @MonicaAkerele 

It’s THAT Time Again! #WeighIn #MealPlanning

Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s day 17 of our December 30 day challenge! Can you believe that we are already more halfway through the month! This month is flying by! Before you know it 2017 will be here! Weigh in first thing this morning in order to tell me how did during the past 2 weeks!Continue reading “It’s THAT Time Again! #WeighIn #MealPlanning”

Checking In! How Is The #30DayChallenge Going For You?

It’s important to take a step back & identify what is and what is not working for you on your weight-loss journey. Take some time to reflect and let me know what you discover…

Do You Eat To Live? Or Do You Live To Eat? 

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing? All is well here as we head into our next weekly weigh in! So what are your goals for this month? Which of the 3 food plans and exercise plan did you decide to adopt this month? Thankfully I’m still on target with my weekly weigh in goal ofContinue reading “Do You Eat To Live? Or Do You Live To Eat? “

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