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Your Life, My Life, Our Lives MATTER! — July 8, 2016

Your Life, My Life, Our Lives MATTER!

I know this has nothing to do with diet and fitness but this post MATTERS more than any that I’ve ever posted on my blog… 

​I had to have the #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter conversation with my child this morning. She was shocked & saddened by the recent events that have played out in the media regarding the fatal shootings of #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling & the 5 #DallasPoliceOfficers as we all are. That could have been our Father, our brother, our son whether on the blue or black side. At the end of the day we have to come together in love and #unity and all of us need to turn back to God. Please join #Dallas in #praying TODAY @12 NOON for the healing and unity of our country. Parents have this talk with  your children & end the conversation in praying for the healing and unity of ALL of God’s children. Enough is Enough!

Hate cannot dispel hate only #LOVE can… 

#LoveGod #LoveSelf #LovePeople

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Your July 30 Day Challenge Is Here!  — July 2, 2016

Your July 30 Day Challenge Is Here! 

TGIF! Welcome to the July 30 day challenge! This month there will be 3 challenge options:

1) 30 days of no added sugar outside of fruit. No pasta, no rice, no bread and no potatoes. So you eat lean meat, vegetables, fruit, Greek yogurt with no added sugar (Dannon Triple Zero), beans, nuts, hummus, eggs, green tea, herbal teas, black coffee, almond milk, protein powder for smoothies. Limit dairy where at all possible.

2)Paleo Diet – Pretty close to #1 but no beans and some nuts are eliminated. Check it out at

3)If you want to go hard like me  incorporate some intermittent fasting. Check it out here at This is not a diet it is an eating pattern where you eat clean from 12pm-8pm and fast intermittently from 8pm-11:59am. Eating this way allows for you to burn more fat and get leaner in the process, it also helps reduce inflammation, helps reduce insulin resistance & aids in eliminating toxins from the body. I am a witness that this works. I lost 8 pounds in one month from following this eating pattern. 

What you decide to do this month is totally up to you! The ultimate goal of this challenge is this.

Eat Clean! No processed foods!
Get Sleep! 8 hours of sleep!
Exercise! 5 days a week for at least 30-60 mins each session! Try to include both cardio and strength training in each session alternating the muscle group worked daily.

So let’s get it in my friends and make this month of July, Healthy, Active and Fly!

Much Love!

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