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What Is Your Goal For This Month?


Happy Monday! Today is day 16 of our 30 day challenge!!! This means we are halfway through the month already! How are things going? Do me a favor and get on the scale 1st thing in the morning and let me know your progress thus far. So tell me what is your plan for meeting your goals for the rest of this month?

First things first! You must set a goal. Start off small, for example .5-2 pounds per week. Set your goal then take steps to meet that goal. Next you will want to measure your progress. I recommend weighing in at least daily or weekly to see what your progress is real time so you can make adjustments if needed. Use MyFitnessPal to track your progress.

Do me a favor, tell me your goal for the last 14 days of this challenge? Whatever goal you set, you must believe that you CAN do it. I am a witness that you CAN achieve it.  If I can believe me anyone can… Now that’s REAL talk… lol.

Tomorrow we will get real on the things that keep us from meeting our goals and what we can do to turn that around for our good. Some are voluntary and some are involuntary but regardless we must take responsibility and control of our destiny. You have the God granted power and authority to revise the path that you are on. But YOU must 1st believe. Let’s get it!!!

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