Our May 2016 30 Day Challenge Starts Today!


Happy Sunday & welcome to the May 30 day challenge! This month there will be 3 challenge options for this month:

1) 30 days of no added sugar outside of fruit. No pasta, no rice, no bread and no potatoes. So you eat lean meat, vegetables, fruit, Greek yogurt with no added sugar (Dannon Triple Zero), beans, nuts, hummus, eggs, green tea, herbal teas, black coffee, almond milk, protein powder for smoothies. Limit dairy where at all possible.

2)Paleo Diet – Pretty close to #1 but no beans and some nuts are eliminated. Check it out at http://ultimatepaleoguide.com/paleo-diet-food-list/

3)If you really want to go hard this month incorporate some intermittent fasting. I will share more about this lifestyle phenomenon later this week. Check it out here at http://jamesclear.com/the-beginners-guide-to-intermittent-fasting
What you decide to do this month is up to you. I will more than likely do a combo of the 3 above. The ultimate goal of this challenge is this.
Eat Clean! No processed foods!
Get Sleep! 8 hours of sleep!
Exercise! 5 days a week for at least 30-60 mins each session! Try to include both cardio and strength training in each session alternating the muscle group worked daily.

So let’s get it in my friends and make this month of May, Healthy, Active and Fun!
Much Love!
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