What Is Your Goal For This Month?

Happy Monday! Today is day 16 of our 30 day challenge!!! This means we are halfway through the month already! How are things going? Do me a favor and get on the scale 1st thing in the morning and let me know your progress thus far. So tell me what is your plan for meetingContinue reading “What Is Your Goal For This Month?”

Happy Mother’s Day! You Rock!!!

I just wanted to take the time to wish all of the Mothers who have been on this fitness journey with me. I celebrate you today and the commitment you have made to adopt a healthy lifestyle that I know has and will continue to make a positive and healthy impact on your children fromContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day! You Rock!!!”

Our May 2016 30 Day Challenge Starts Today!

Happy Sunday & welcome to the May 30 day challenge! This month there will be 3 challenge options for this month: 1) 30 days of no added sugar outside of fruit. No pasta, no rice, no bread and no potatoes. So you eat lean meat, vegetables, fruit, Greek yogurt with no added sugar (Dannon TripleContinue reading “Our May 2016 30 Day Challenge Starts Today!”

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