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Weigh In Day! — March 16, 2016

Weigh In Day!


Happy Hump Day Everyone! It’s day 15 of our March 30 day challenge! Today is our 1st weigh in day for this month! We will do 2 weigh ins (once every 15 days) during this month’s challenge.  So don’t forget to weigh in first thing this morning in order to tell me how you did during the past 2 weeks! Question? What breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner plan do you have for today? What is your exercise plan? Go ahead and write down your goals/plan for the rest of the week and execute the plan! Remember this if you fail to plan then you indeed plan to fail! So get that plan out on paper or on your Smartphone and/or tablet and let’s make this 3rd week of the challenge great, healthy and active!!! I’m praying and believing for your success this week! Let’s get it!!!

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Don’t Get Bored With Exercise… Switch It Up!!! — March 10, 2016

Don’t Get Bored With Exercise… Switch It Up!!!

Happy Hump Day! Well today is day 8 of our 30 day challenge! How are things going? Well things are going good this way just trying to take my exercise to the next level where I am truly being challenged and getting enough time in the gym. Eventually we can get used to a certain routine and our bodies end up getting adjusted to it as well and its stops being as effective as it initially was. It’s always a good idea to switch things up or add more intensity to a workout once you have mastered your current workout plan. It helps you to get closer to your desired results & switching things up also helps you to stay engaged & keeps you from getting bored! How many of you have gotten bored with a workout and then all of sudden your motivation for continuing ends? Me too! I’ve been there too many times before.  Well with the weather warming up I’m looking forward to incorporating some outside exercises in my fitness routine as well. Do you need some ideas to get started?

Here are some outside options:

1) Walking/Jogging/Running in the morning, on your break, lunch or after work.

2) Hiking on an inclined/hilly path.

3) Playing basketball, Dodgeball, flag football, tennis, softball, volleyball, soccer in a pick up game or in a spring/summer/fall league.

4) Swimming

5) Exercises that can be done outside like jumping jacks, lunges, running in place, etc…

What other outside exercise ideas do you have? I would love to hear from you!

Well I hope this will motivate you to switch things up! Tomorrow sounds like a good day to get started! Let me know how it goes!

Let’s get it!

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New 30 Day Challenge For March Begins 3-2-16! — March 2, 2016

New 30 Day Challenge For March Begins 3-2-16!


Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is the start of our next 30 day challenge for the month of March!!! Our goal for each month is to:
1.Eat Clean – meaning eating absolutely no processed foods
2.Eliminate added sugar from your diet (fruit is ok)
3.Eliminate all starchy carbs including potatoes, rice, beans & pasta
4.Eat lean meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts & protein smoothies! Buy organic/non gmo foods when possible!
5.Greek Yogurt ex: Triple Zero Greek Yogurt from Dannon.
6.Drink Plenty of water, almond milk and green tea (no sugar added)
7.Exercise 3-5 times per week for at least 45-60 minutes per session.
8.Get at least 8-9 hours of sleep per night to reduce the stress hormone cortisol from being released into your body of which causes you to retain fat, making it hard to lose weight.

Are you ready to make these changes for a healthier you? Let’s get it!

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