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2nd Weigh In For February 2016 Challenge! — February 21, 2016

2nd Weigh In For February 2016 Challenge!


Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you are having a phenomenally healthy and active weekend thus far! Today is day 21 of our 30 day challenge! We are 2/3rds through the challenge already! Can you believe it? Well it is our weigh in day so weigh in this morning and let me how you did! I look forward to your feedback! Send me a private message and give me an update or you can respond to this post! 🙂 Just know this whatever the scale says you are still a winner! Remember this, getting healthy is not an event it is a journey that lasts a lifetime! So hang in there even if the scale doesn’t reflect the weight you hoped that it would. Make THIS new week count! Stay focused on your goals and make the last 9 days of this challenge great, healthy and active!

Let’s get it!

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It’s Weigh In Day! — February 10, 2016

It’s Weigh In Day!


Happy Hump Day Everyone! It’s day 10 of our February 30 day challenge! Today is our 1st weigh in day for this month! We will do 3 weigh ins (once every 10 days) during this month’s challenge.  So don’t forget to weigh in first thing this morning in order to tell me how you did during this past week! Question? What breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner plan do you have for today? What is your exercise plan? Go ahead and write down your goals/plan for the rest of the week and execute the plan! Remember this if you fail to plan then you inadvertently plan to fail! So get that plan on paper or on your Smartphone and/or tablet and let’s make this 2nd week of the challenge great, healthy and active!!! I’m praying and believing for your success this week! Let’s get it!!!

Eat Clean & #KeepPounding This #SUPERBOWL50 Weekend! — February 5, 2016

Eat Clean & #KeepPounding This #SUPERBOWL50 Weekend!


TGIF! It’s Day 5! What is on your plate today? Well today I had salad, 3 buffalo wings and a bottle of water & guess what? I’m fully satisfied! What is your gameplan for this Super Bowl weekend??? I heard today on the news that the average American eats/drinks nothing less than 6,000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday!!!! Can you believe that?! Lol sadly I CAN…SMH Between the pizza, wings, chips, dips, drinks, desserts its really easy to see how this can be possible! So let me #Challenge you to defy the odds and not do that this #SuperBowl50 weekend! Don’t derail the progress you’ve made just for one day of football. So here are some tips to make sure you stay on track this weekend.

1) Try to get a workout in on Sunday before the BIG game starts!

2) Swap Salad or veggies in the place of the Pizza or the other high calorie carbs that might be available.

3) Eat more protein instead…More wings please!

4) Eat fruit instead of the sugary desserts

5) Drink water instead of the soda and alcoholic beverages that may be available at the Super Bowl gathering

6) Stay within your calorie target for the day by utlizing MyFitnessPal or other food tracking apps to track what you plan to eat BEFORE you eat it! If you fail to plan then you plan to fail!

7) HAVE FUN! Enjoy the game & your friends & family!!!

And Last but NOT least #KeepPounding  (Keep Moving)

Lets Go!

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What Are You Doing To Break Out Of Your Fitness Comfort Zone?! —

What Are You Doing To Break Out Of Your Fitness Comfort Zone?!


What is up everyone? It’s day 4 of our 30 day challenge! How is the challenge going? What are you doing differently this challenge that you haven’t done in the past to ensure your success? Well I am utilizing my Fitbit to do daily group step challenges to keep me motivated daily. Many of you in this group have been a part of those! Keep it going! Also I have been weighing myself daily to gauge my progress to make the scale is going in the right direction. Once I weigh I go ahead and track it in MyFitnessPal and FitBit to keep myself accountable daily. If I see there is no movement or its going in the wrong direction I take my activity up a notch and/or make sure my calorie intake is on point. I know tracking your meals can be a pain but its worth it to keep you on track. As my favorite saying goes, you can’t manage what you do not measure. Share with me what you are doing to get out of your comfort zone so we can all get ideas to implement in our own diet/fitness routine!
Let’s go! 🙌

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Our February 30 Day Challenge Is Here! — February 1, 2016

Our February 30 Day Challenge Is Here!


Happy Sunday! I hope you have had an AWESOME weekend! Well tomorrow is the start of our next 30 day challenge for the month of February!!! Our goal for each month is to:

  1. Eat Clean – meaning eating absolutely no processed foods
  2. Eliminate added sugar from your diet (fruit is ok)
  3. Eliminate all starchy carbs including potatoes, rice, beans(or limit beans to 1 serving per day) & pasta
  4. Eat lean meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts & protein smoothies! Try to buy organic/non gmo foods when possible!
  5. Greek Yogurt is ok especially the Triple Zero Greek Yogurt from Dannon which just so happens to be endorsed by the Super Bowl 50 bound Carolina Panthers!!!
  6. Drink Plenty of water, almond milk and green tea (no sugar added)
  7. Exercise 3-5 times per week for at least 45-60 minutes per session.
  8. Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night to reduce the stress hormone cortisol from being released into your body of which causes you to retain fat, making it hard to lose weight.

Are you ready to make these changes for a healthier you? Well together we can get it done! During this challenge I plan to share healthy recipe ideas, give you a snapshot of what meals I will be eating for the day to give you ideas and the latest news/trends/suggestions on healthy eating, exercise, fitness gear and weight loss. Remember this journey is not a one size fits all. This is just a starting point where the journey begins! Making these changes will help give you a great start & help you to keep the weight off! My goal here is to help motivate and support you along the way and for you to in turn do the same for me! We can do this!!! Ready? Set?

Let’s Go!!!

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