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Have a Merry & Healthy Christmas! — December 25, 2015
1st Weigh In Day for December Challenge 2015! — December 10, 2015

1st Weigh In Day for December Challenge 2015!


Great day Everyone! I hope you are having a phenomenally healthy & blessed week! Today is day 10 of our 30 day challenge! Can you believe that we are 1/3 through the challenge already! It is our weigh in day so weigh in today or Friday morning and let me how you did! I can’t wait to get your feedback! Email me at and give me an update on your progress or you can respond to this post! 🙂 Just know this whatever the scale says you are still a winner! Weight loss and getting healthy is not an event it is a journey! So hang in there even if the scale doesn’t reflect the weight you hoped it would. Make the rest of this week count. Stay focused on your goals & make this week great, healthy & active! Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep nightly!

Let’s get it!
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Curb Sugar & Carb Cravings: 13 Tips to Control Your Sweet Tooth —

Curb Sugar & Carb Cravings: 13 Tips to Control Your Sweet Tooth


Happy Hump Day! It’s Day 9 of our 30 day challenge! How are things going? What challenges and successes have you had thus far? Well with the holiday season being in full swing I thought maybe you could use some good advice from WebMD on ways to fight sugar cravings! Believe me I am right there with you! Let’s fight this good fight of faith & health together and stay focused on our goals. Tomorrow is Day 10 and our weigh in day so weigh in 1st thing in the morning & let me know how you are doing!!! 🙌

Let’s get it!

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Our December Diet & Exercise Challenge Begins TODAY! — December 1, 2015

Our December Diet & Exercise Challenge Begins TODAY!


Happy Tuesday and welcome to December 2015!!! Can you believe that we only have 1 month left in this year! How close are you to meeting the weight goals you set for yourself for 2015? Well we have 30 days left in this year to get as close as we can to meeting our goals! Today is the 1st day of our 30 Day Challenge for December and I’m so excited to get started! What about you? I hope you are getting off to a great start! Please be sure that you weigh in to get your starting weight and that you take a before picture so you can see the difference at the end of this challenge. I would like to see your before and after pictures at the conclusion of this challenge.

Lastly be sure to set a goal for this challenge. A realistic goal is anywhere between 1-2 pounds per week. So set your goals, plan your meals (eat clean) and exercise time daily and go get it! Let me know what your goal is for this challenge by responding to this post or by sending me a private message to I’m believing and praying with you that you will meet all of your goals!!! You CAN do it!!!

Let’s go!!!


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Our November 30 Day Challenge Ends Tonight! —

Our November 30 Day Challenge Ends Tonight!


Happy Monday! Today is the last day of our November challenge! So you know what that means…! Tomorrow is our final weigh in! Weigh in first thing Tomorrow morning and let me know how you did! Are you ready for our next 30 day challenge? The next one begins on Tuesday, December 1st! Here are the details of the challenge below. I hope you will join me!

The goals for this challenge is to eat clean that means no processed foods. Here are the acceptable foods for this challenge:

1) Lean meats including chicken, turkey and lean cuts of beef and pork. Turkey or Pork Bacon with no Nitrites or Nitrates. Target and Trader Joes sells this. You can also have Greek Yogurt and Eggs.

2) Vegetables

3) Fruit

4) Beans, peas, hummus

5) Nuts and Seeds

6) Drinks: Water, unsweetened almond milk, whey, brown rice or hemp protein for a breakfast shake or smoothie, coffee and hot tea. You can drink coffee or tea without a sweetener or you can use 1-2 teaspoons of honey as your sweetener. But limit it to once per day. On this challenge we need to eliminate all artificial sweeteners as studies suggest that they are harmful to your health and could cause cancer. Strive to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day or more.

7) Sleep at least 7-9 hours per day

8) Exercise at least 5 days per week for 45-60 minutes per session. Include both cardio and strength training.

9) Lastly register for this free weight/calorie tracking service at or you can download the MyFitnessPal app on your smartphone or tablet. Send me your username and the email address you used to register to this Free service to my email at The purpose of this app is to track your meals, water and exercise activity for the day. It also allows you to track your weight and measurements. Remember this you cannot manage what you do not measure! When you get set-up I want you to add me as a friend on there so I can hold you accountable during the challenge from a tracking standpoint and also so I can celebrate your successes along the way. My username on MyFitnessPal is monicaakerele.

I know this may sound like a lot but it has been the key to my weight loss success along with prayer! I lost 63 pounds in 6 months by implementing these processes. Let me know what questions you have!

Let’s get it!

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