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Final Weigh In Day For This 30 Day Challenge! — March 31, 2015

Final Weigh In Day For This 30 Day Challenge!


Happy Tuesday!!! Today is our Final weigh in day for this challenge! After you weigh yourself tell me how you did! I can’t wait to get your feedback! Email me at and give me the 411! 🙂 Just know this whatever the scale says you are still a winner! Weight loss and getting healthy is not an event it is a journey! So hang in there even if the scale doesn’t reflect the weight you hoped it would. The next challenge begins TOMORROW Wednesday, April 1st! So use this 1 day to prepare because we will be hitting it hard on this next challenge! 🙌💪🏃

Here is an article that I would like you to check out especially if you don’t like what you saw on the scale! Click on the link below. Love you bunches!!!

Weigh In Tips!

Let’s get it!
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Today Is The Last Day of Our Challenge – Finish Strong!!! — March 30, 2015

Today Is The Last Day of Our Challenge – Finish Strong!!!


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Today is the last day of our 30 day challenge so let’s finish strong! Please share with your friends and family that our next 30 Day Challenge begins on Wednesday, April 1st! For more details go to

I wanted to share this eye-opening article with you that I found yesterday on regarding foods that turn into belly fat! Try to avoid these foods with all of your heart! – Click on this link to access it.

I can’t wait to hear your praise reports/final results on Tuesday!!! Make today count! Let’s go!

Monica Hawthorne-Akerele

“Make today great!”


Quick Reminders for the Final Day of Our Challenge —

Quick Reminders for the Final Day of Our Challenge


Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Just a quick reminder that tomorrow Monday, March 30th is our last day on the 30 day challenge for the month of March! Let’s finish strong!!!! Also please share with your friends and family that our next 30 Day Challenge begins on Wednesday, April 1st! For more details go to

Thanks! Make this last day count! I am looking forward to our final weigh in on Tuesday!!!
Let’s go!
Finish Strong & Get Ready For Our New 30 Day Challenge! — March 27, 2015

Finish Strong & Get Ready For Our New 30 Day Challenge!


TGIF Loves!!!! It’s officially the last weekend of this challenge! So make sure you make it count and finish strong!!!! 🙌 The last day of this challenge is on Monday!!! I can’t wait till our final weigh in on Tuesday March 31st so I can hear all of your praise reports of how many pounds/ounces you have lost. Don’t forget that we have a new #30DayChallenge beginning next Wednesday, April 1st! Click the link to my blog below for more details! I hope you plan on joining me! You owe it to yourself, God & the world to get #Fit ! We need you to be 100% healthy & whole lacking nothing!!! Why? Because you have work to do, family counting on you, a plan & purpose that God has ordained for you to fulfill while you are here on the earth. Getting your health/weight in check will help you to perform at an optimal level. Send me a private message if you plan on taking this challenge with me @ Remember this if I can do it (And I did lose 63 pounds!) I know YOU CAN too!

Let’s get it!!!  🙌

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Accountability is a Critical Component To Your Success! — March 26, 2015

Accountability is a Critical Component To Your Success!


Today I would like to stress to you the importance of having a support team that can help you to stay on track. At least one support person needs to actually be a workout partner. This will help keep you accountable to someone regarding your exercise and diet. I have a team of about 3 key people who hold me accountable in some way. Those pictured with me above includes Melanie Scott my accountability partner that started this health journey with me and motivated me to stay the course & to never give up. Another key person was WBTV News’ Brigida Mack with her #TeamNoSugar challenge. She was a cheerleader all the way through who featured & celebrated my weight loss success on the news several times throughout my weight loss journey. Then there is my BFF Shayla Scott that works out with me weekly & holds me accountable with my diet. We send each other a snapshot of our food and exercise for the day and give eachother advice & encouragement on what we could do better the next day! This accountability has gone a long way in my success so far as you can see in the picture in the middle of the photo above.

Please whatever you do find someone ASAP to be accountable to. This is one of the reasons that I began this challenge/blog to provide support & motivation to you on your journey to a healthier you! Support, Motivation & Accountability is EVERYTHING! It worked for me & I know it will work for you! If any of you are Planet Fitness members in Charlotte NC we can definitely arrange a meet up to workout. You can also get a membership at Planet Fitness for $19.99 a month where you can actually bring someone to come workout with you every time you go. Find your accountability partner today and finish this challenge strong!

Remember this It’s never too late to get fit! You CAN do it! 🙌

Let’s go!

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Why You Should Eat Clean! — March 24, 2015

Why You Should Eat Clean!


Great day Everyone! It’s Day 24 of our 30 day challenge! We have 1 week left in the challenge so let’s really dig in & make it happen! Today I just want to share with you the importance of staying away from processed foods and the reason why we are eating clean on this challenge.

Stay clear of the processed food trap

If you want to avoid all of the trans fats/processed food/shelved food laden with salt & preservatives, only shop on the outside circle of a traditional grocery store. In that section you generally find the fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts etc…  Avoid going through the inside isles if at all possible unless you are grabbing some olive oil, coconut oil, dry beans, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or herbs/seasonings. The peripheral of the grocery store is reserved for those like us who have made the decision to eat clean and to never eat processed foods again (or for my beginners at least during this 30 Day challenge!). If you have never thought about eating clean before consider making it one of your goals.

Why shouldn’t we eat processed foods

Why would you want to eat something with a 2 or 3 year shelf life? That food is filled with preservatives and salt that is not healthy for you to eat on a regular basis. Did you know that it’s hard for that food to even fully leave your body? It starts collecting on the walls of your colon and polyps begin to form that can eventually become cancerous. Let me insert a plug here for the importance of getting your colon checked. Make it a priority to stay on top of your yearly check-ups!  I truly believe that eating processed foods has contributed to the rise in cancer that we see in our society today. Food made in a lab was not meant to be consumed by us. If you can’t pronounce the name of the ingredients in your food then you shouldn’t eat it. In addition to this eating processed foods can cause inflammation in the body resulting in pain & discomfort in your body. There are many other adverse affects including weight gain, skin problems & a greater risk of developing other health issues. To learn more about this go to this website!

Make a lifetime decision to eat clean

Eating processed food just isn’t normal but unfortunately it has become “normal” in our society. However today I am extending to you a challenge – Dare to be different! Dare to be peculiar! Dare to be a leader & not a follower when it comes to the food/drink that you allow yourself to consume. Another thing that can help is to start shopping for most of your food at a local farmer’s market or a whole foods market like a local Trader Joes( ( Whole Foods Market ( or if you are in the Charlotte, NC area Healthy Home Market ( If you really want to be unshakable grow your own food. It can be done; you just have to want it bad enough.

Final thoughts

As my favorite financial stewardship expert Dave Ramsey ( says, “Live like no one else, so you can LIVE like No One Else”… This concept can also apply to eating clean. Eat what God intended for you to eat from the beginning of time. Eat the food that comes from the earth not a lab.

Now are you ready to eat/drink clean with me?

Let’s Go!!!

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Never Give Up! The Possibilities Are Endless!!! — March 23, 2015

Never Give Up! The Possibilities Are Endless!!!


Happy Monday Everyone! Today is the 23rd day of our 30 Day Challenge AND it’s weigh day!!!! Weigh yourself first thing this morning after waking up and using the bathroom to see how you did over the past week. I am happy to announce that I’ve lost another 2 pounds this week!!! I also wanted to take the time to recognize & celebrate one of my Sister/Friends Crystal Hamilton! She started taking the challenge with us back in 2013 and to date she has lost a total of 100 pounds!!!! 🙌👏👍🏃👌. Words cannot express how happy & proud I am of her accomplishment, her willpower and her drive to reach her goals!!!! Let this encourage you today that ANYTHING is possible if you believe/receive the grace of God for this weight loss/healthy journey, plan and act on what you believe!!!  Regardless of what the scale says today keep pushing, keep praying & never stop believing! You’ve got this! You CAN do ALL things through Christ that strengthens you!!!!! are you ready!!??? 🙌 Let’s get it!!!!

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Watch “Trust In You – Monica Hawthorne-Akerele (CMGM)” on YouTube — March 21, 2015

Watch “Trust In You – Monica Hawthorne-Akerele (CMGM)” on YouTube


Many of you may not know this but I am a Recording Artist as well as a Diet, Exercise, Fitness & Health Blogger. My passion is both to motivate, educate and inspire people through my blogs, motivational speaking and through music.

I just wanted to take the time today and share with you that I have new music coming out in April 2015! The single is entitled “Trust In You”, it was written by me and produced by Christopher Bostic of Communion Music Global Media (CMGM), Charlotte, NC! Click the YouTube link below to hear a snippet of it!!!! Stay connected with me through this blog and through all of my social media outlets at

Thanks for your prayers, love & support! Make TODAY great!!! 🙌

Trust In You – Monica Hawthorne-Akerele (CMGM):

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Stay On Track & Make This A Healthy Weekend!!! — March 20, 2015

Stay On Track & Make This A Healthy Weekend!!!


Happy Friday Everyone! How are you doing today and how did your week go on the 30 day challenge? I hope it went well. Well it’s the weekend and usually that means we may be more tempted to splurge. Believe me I OVERstand!!! I literally have 3 baby showers to attend on Saturday so I really have my work cut out for me in managing my food intake at each event. But here are some tips you can use on this picture that will help you position yourself for a healthier weekend!!! Just in case you get tempted just remind yourself of what you are trying to accomplish. In fact write on an index card what your goal weight is and write on the back of it “COMPROMISE IS NOT AN OPTION, STAY ON TRACK!” Keep this card with you at ALL times so you can pull it out as needed! I hope this helps. Love ya bunches and make this weekend GREAT, FUN & HEALTHY!!!

Let’s Go!!!

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Exercise Is A Must Do, TODAY not Tomorrow! —

Exercise Is A Must Do, TODAY not Tomorrow!


Finding time to exercise is a challenge in and of itself. I know it can be hard to get it in daily but if you want to see change occur in your BMI or your weight and most importantly your health you’ve got to make getting exercise a priority. I generally try to get my workout over and done with first thing in the morning but this week I’ve only been able to achieve that once!!!! So then you have to come up with Plan B if Plan A fails. So I moved my workout session to my lunch time twice this week. Well today both Plan A & Plan B failed so I had to go with Plan C working out after work once the kids were fed and homework was complete. Exercise at times can be a moving target just because our days can be so unpredictable but always have a back-up plan in mind. The benefits of exercise is worth the effort, worth the sacrifice, you either pay now or suffer the consequences of not exercising later. The Power of NOW is limitless never put off for tomorrow what you can do today! You are worth it Love believe me!!! 🙌 I know you CAN do it! Let’s get it!!!

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