Day 8 – Keep Calm It’s Weigh In Day!

Happy Monday it’s the 8th day of our 30 Day Challenge!!! You have officially made it through the 1st week! So tell me how are things going? What challenges and/or successes are you having? Well it’s our first weigh in so make sure you weigh in first thing today or Tuesday morning and let meContinue reading “Day 8 – Keep Calm It’s Weigh In Day!”

Day 2 – Push Through The Cravings!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It’s day 2 of our 30 day challenge!!! How did day 1 go for everyone? Well let’s make today great and push through the exercise, the challenges, the headaches and the cravings. You CAN do it! Let’s go!!! 30 Day Challenge

Day – 5 Weekend Health Tips!

Happy Friday Everyone! It’s day 5 of our 30 day challenge!!! How did this week go? Well it is the weekend and believe me I know how hard it can be to stay on track! However here are some tips you can implement to stay on track over the weekend. Stay committed to the process.Continue reading “Day – 5 Weekend Health Tips!”

Day 4 – You Are Worth It! Let’s go!

Happy Thursday!!!  It is day 4 of our 30 day challenge and I want to hear from you! How is the diet and exercise going? What challenges are you facing on the challenge?  I know this is a big change to implement in your life but I promise you that it’s worth it.  Why?  BecauseContinue reading “Day 4 – You Are Worth It! Let’s go!”

Your 30 Day Challenge Starts Today!

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s the 1st day of our 30 day challenge and I am super excited about it! I hope you are off to a great start and are ready to give it your all! As I always say this challenge will not be easy but I have the faith that each of youContinue reading “Your 30 Day Challenge Starts Today!”

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