Happy Memorial Day!!!! Join me!

Happy Memorial Day Monday Everyone! We have come to the end of another #30DayChallenge and I just want to thank you for your participation. I know many of you have stepped up to the plate during this challenge and I applaud you for your efforts and successes! I’m truly proud of each of you. SinceContinue reading “Happy Memorial Day!!!! Join me!”

We Are In The Homestretch! Let’s Get It!!!

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s Day 22 of our 30 Day challenge and I’m excited to say this is the last week of our 30 day challenge!!! How have these 3 weeks gone for you? Well tomorrow is Weigh day!! So take the time to weigh yourself first thing Tuesday morning and report back to meContinue reading “We Are In The Homestretch! Let’s Get It!!!”

Make THIS Weekend Healthy!!!

Happy Friday! It’s Day 19 of our 30 Day Challenge!!! How did your week go? I hope it well. Well it’s the weekend and usually that means we may be more tempted to splurge. Believe me I OVERstand! But here are some tips you can use on this picture that will help you position yourselfContinue reading “Make THIS Weekend Healthy!!!”

You Are A Winner!!!

Happy Tuesday!!! It’s Day 16 of our 30 Day Challenge and its Weigh In Day! Yay!!! You are officially more than halfway through the challenge! Well today I weighed myself and I have lost a total of 8.2 pounds in the first 2 weeks of this challenge!!! Now that is EPIC!!! I know the reasonContinue reading “You Are A Winner!!!”

Weigh In Day!!!

Happy Monday it’s the 15th day of our 30 Day Challenge!!! You have made it through the halfway point of the challenge!!! How are things going! Well tomorrow is our 2nd weigh in day! So make sure you weigh in first thing Tuesday morning and let me know how you are doing!!! Remember You CANContinue reading “Weigh In Day!!!”

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