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Plan So You Can Have A Winning Weekend!!! — March 28, 2014

Plan So You Can Have A Winning Weekend!!!

Happy Friday Everyone it’s Day 12 of our challenge and I am TGIF!!! How is the 30 Day Challenge going for you? What exercises are you doing? What new healthy recipes have you used or meals have you been coming up with? Well we are going into the weekend. This is the time where it is the hardest to stay on track especially if you have been invited to a dinner, a baby or bridal shower, or wedding. What is your plan when you get there? I highly recommend for you to come up with a plan and to stick to it when you get there. For example if you are planning to go to a restaurant try going to their website and seeing their meal options and see if they have the caloric values available online. If not then go to MyFitnessPal to track it in advance so you can make sure you stay within your calorie budget.

Remember mindless eating is the greatest enemy to your progress. Your success in weight loss is anywhere from 70-80% diet and the rest is exercise. If you fail to plan then baby you plan to fail and I know that each and everyone of you are winners so Let’s get it!!! Plan & Stick to the plan. Now let’s have a great & healthy weekend!

Let’s go!
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Healthy Eating Clean Recipes —

Healthy Eating Clean Recipes


Happy Thursday! It’s Day 11 of our challenge and I wanted to share a link of some healthy recipes that would be awesome to add to your cooking arsenal. The Paleo diet focuses on eating clean real food! Check it out and if you try one of the recipes let me know how it goes. Make today great & choose life! Much love!!!

Let’s Go!
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Exercise Is Important… Get It In Early! — March 26, 2014

Exercise Is Important… Get It In Early!


Happy Wednesday! It’s Day 10 of our #30DayChallenge & I want to know how your weigh in day went? Send me a message letting me know how you are doing! My tip for you today is to try to start your day off by exercising if at all possible. That way you can get it finished and you can move on with your day. I know it’s challenging to get up early in the morning but I promise you if can you get started it will make a big difference in helping you to be more consistent with working out. There have been many times where I had good intentions to work out after work but had to end up working late or something else came up that kept me from being able to go to the gym. But those days are over now because I am making the sacrifice and the commitment to get it done in the morning. Thank God for the grace to do this on a consistent basis! What about you?

Let’s get it!!! 🙂
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Are You Moving Forward In Losing Weight? If Not Let’s Go! — March 25, 2014

Are You Moving Forward In Losing Weight? If Not Let’s Go!

Happy Tuesday!!! It’s day 9 of our challenge!!! I hope all of you are doing well! It is Weigh in day! Take the time to weigh in today or Wednesday morning so you can see how much progress you have made thus far. Please send me a message letting me know how are you doing! For those of you who are struggling I am here to help if you need me! Just remember to take it 1 pound at a time! It actually is healthier for you to lose weight 1-2 pounds per week. So don’t despair if you are not seeing a big difference on the scale. This is a life long journey so don’t worry as long as you are moving forward that my dear is progress!!! So don’t you dare give up! You are more than worth it! Much love to you!

Let’s go!
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It’s Time To Do Some Spring Cleaning…Diet Style!!! — March 22, 2014

It’s Time To Do Some Spring Cleaning…Diet Style!!!


Hey guys! TGIF! It’s Day 5 of our #30DayChallenge and I just want to check on you!  How is it going thus far?  I pray its going well. My tip for today is clean your house out of all the processed food and replace it with natural whole foods like fruit,vegetables nuts, beans and lean meat. If you make these small changes,  ok BIG changes LOL it will cut down on temptation AND I promise it will make a BIG difference in the picture of your health! Let’s do some spring cleaning this weekend & exercise, exercise exercise!!! 

Let’s get it!
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Eat Clean But Never Sacrifice Flavor! National Nutrition Month! — March 19, 2014

Eat Clean But Never Sacrifice Flavor! National Nutrition Month!


Hey guys! It’s Day 3 of our #30DayChallenge !!! How are things going? My tip for today is to make eating interesting! Just because you are eating clean doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor. Get adventurous and try some new foods, spices & recipes. This month is National Nutrition Month. Check out this short video that can give you some tips.

National Nutrition Month Video

Also check out for even more tips and resources on eating right! In order for you to make this lifestyle sustainable you’ve got to implement new normals in your life. Also please be sure to plan & prepare your meals & snacks ahead of time so you won’t get caught slipping when hunger strikes! I have learned that lesson the hard way! What about you?

Let’s go!
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YOU CAN Do This! Join Me In My Current Weight Loss Challenge! — March 18, 2014

YOU CAN Do This! Join Me In My Current Weight Loss Challenge!

Happy Tuesday! It’s Day 2 of our 30 Day challenge. How are things going? In case you need a reminder of what you can eat on this challenge go to my 30 Day Challenge blog website at

This challenge is focused on 3 things, eating clean – no processed food, 3-5 days of exercise(30-90mins) & getting 6-8 hours of sleep daily. I know getting started may be challenging but I promise you it will be worth it. Remember this the power of life and death is in your tongue so I encourage you to speak life over your situation and declare today that I CAN do this! I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me! Trust me you will have what you say, speak by faith and let’s get to work because faith without work is dead.

Let’s get it!!!
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Monica J. Akerele


Day 1 Of Our 30 Day Diet & Exercise Challenge Starts Now!!! —

Day 1 Of Our 30 Day Diet & Exercise Challenge Starts Now!!!


Happy Monday All! It is Day 1 of our 30 Day Challenge and I am so excited that you are a part of it! Since it is day 1 you will want to weigh in so you can get your starting weight. I also would like each of you to take a measuring tape and get someone to measure your waist, arms, legs and hips! What questions do you have for me? Stay in touch especially if you start to struggle. We are in this together and with God’s help, a plan & a made up mind nothing will be impossible for you to accomplish! You CAN do it!!!

Let’s go!
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The Next 30 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow 3-17-14! Let’s Go! — March 16, 2014

The Next 30 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow 3-17-14! Let’s Go!


Happy Sunday! I hope you are ready for the next #30DayChallenge starting tomorrow Monday, March 17th! I am super excited to get back on track and to take this challenge to the next level. We will continue to focus on eating clean (no processed foods), exercise 3-5 times a week including cardio & strength training exercises & sleep at least 6-8 hours per day. I hope you are onboard to take this next challenge with me! I am praying & believing for your success.

Let’s go!
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It’s The Final Weigh In Day!!! How Did You Do? — March 12, 2014

It’s The Final Weigh In Day!!! How Did You Do?


Happy Wednesday Everyone! It is our Final Weigh in day for this ‪#‎30DayChallenge‬! Weigh yourself today or tomorrow morning and let me know how you did by sending me an email to, please put “Final Weigh In” on the subject line. Remember the next challenge begins next Monday so if you were not able to get in on this challenge you can begin again with us next week!

Make today great!

Let’s Go!
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