I Won’t Go Back & Neither Will You! Throwback Thursday!

Happy Thursday! It’s Day 18 of our challenge! It’s also “Throwback Thursday” and I thought I would do something a little different today. Here is a picture that is a complete throwback for me. This was me 5 months ago… I refuse to get back to this person that I used to be. This personContinue reading “I Won’t Go Back & Neither Will You! Throwback Thursday!”

Don’t quit! You can do this!

It’s Day 15 of our 30 day challenge & it’s our weekly weigh in day! How are things going? We have 2 weeks left on this challenge so I would encourage you to make these last 2 weeks count. For those of you who have stopped get back in the game, it’s not over forContinue reading “Don’t quit! You can do this!”

Don’t Be Defeated! You Are A Winner!

We are in the thick of our 30 Day challenge now! How are things going for you on your weight loss journey? Is everyone getting your workout in daily? I don’t know about you but this has been the toughest month for me thus far. I’m not going to make excuses but I am goingContinue reading “Don’t Be Defeated! You Are A Winner!”

Don’t Let Anything Get You Off Track!

HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s day 5 of our 30 Day diet & exercise challenge! How are things going? Well for me things were going so well until I overslept this morning & missed my opportunity to workout today! But no worries I will still get it in! When things like this & more happen to derailContinue reading “Don’t Let Anything Get You Off Track!”

Tips For Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s Day 2 of our challenge! How are things going for you today? Today is Knowledge Sharing day and I really need everyone’s participation on this. What is a tip, a recipe, an exercise class/video/youtube channel or a website that you think could help us on our journey? I will share my favorite snacks &Continue reading “Tips For Your Weight Loss Journey”

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